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Dec 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> vicki: the stores may seem busy - but new numbers show u-s holiday retail sales growth is the weakest since 2008. according to the report - holiday sales increased just point-seven percent. less than a quarter of what was expected. superstorm sandy - along with the looming fiscal cliff are being partially blamed for the decline. >> vicki: if you got a new gadget this year that will replace an old one you may be wondering what to do with that old phone or tablet. recycle it or sell it kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you how to get top dollar for your used gadgets or how to properly and safely help the environment by recycling your old device. >> the quicker you or sell your old, used a device the more money will get for it. new products are constantly being released and your used devices will not last long. every month you wait the less valuable if is. tiepin what you are selling and they will keep you a price range. there are a ton of catches out there, but it can be intimidating online. however, there are three that i would recommend they are legitimate. you
Dec 19, 2012 11:35pm PST >>hoy se realizaron funerales, entre ellos el de vicky soto, quien dio su vida para salvar a sus estudiantes >>muy buenas noches, hoy ha sido un dia muy emotivo, porque se realizaron seis funerales, también la gente se acerca a las familias para hacer vigilias en apoyo y solidaridad a las familias que perdieron 26 de sus seres queridos >>estoy manejando desde new jersey para venir a apoyar a la gente que ha perdido su familia aquí. pero dios tiene un plan para nosotros, algo tenemos que aprender de esto. >>hoy los alumnos de este plantel pudieron familiarizarse con lo que será su futura sandy hook >>hoy fueron llevados a cabo seis funerales, uno de ellos, la maestra vicky soto, quien escondio a sus alumnos en el armario del aula donde enseñaba. >>ella hizo lo más que pudo, dice su primo >>son detalles que conmueven a la comunidad que viene a este lugar. >>que se puede hacer en la vida. dios no quiera que pase esto contra uno >>otros buscan en las mascotas el contacto para expresar su dolor, aquí todo vale, para superar estos difíciles momentos >>ya son once funerales
Dec 22, 2012 8:00pm PST
be (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> vicki: we continue tracking the 3 storm i am here in the weather center with brian. >> yes, some breaks right now but most areas are dry but there is wet weather in the south bay. even heavy around santa terisa, no, sunnyvale, cupertino. and even near-sunnyvale pushing east. near palo alto, mountain view and about 30 minutes. also showers in the north bay, relatively light but this pocket of yellow. this is moving to the north- east as it goes towards vallejo, napa and american canyon. the rainfall totals have been 1 in. and more in their field, redwood city and even 2 in. in san rafeal. and more, for tomorrow after midnight tonight. the satellite & righter, this system offshore is giving us a break but the satellite and--radar. as i mentioned, a bit of a break but the big impact will be steady and heavy rainfall. possible flooding, strong wind and a wind advisory. the wind speeds at 50 m.p.h. and even the chance for storms. the worst will be the late morning hours and a gradual improvement as we go for
Dec 17, 2012 12:00am PST
. they did not hesitate. dawn hochsprung and mary sherlach, vicki soto, lauren russeau, rachel davino and anne marie murphy, they all responded in how we hope we all would respond in such terrifying circumstances, with courage and with love, giving their lives to protect the children in their care. we know that there were other teachers who barricaded themselves inside classrooms and kept steady through it all and reassured their students by saying wait for the good guys, they are coming. show me your smile. and we know that good guys came, the first responders who raced to the scene helping to guide those in harm's way to safety and comfort those in need, holding at bay their own shock and their own trauma, because they had a job to do and others needed them more. and then there were the scenes of the school children helping one another, holding each other, dutifully following instructions in the way that young children sometimes do. one child even trying to encourage a grownup by saying, "i know karate, so it's okay, i'll lead the way out." as a community, you've inspired us, newtow
Dec 16, 2012 9:00am PST
by vicki got lick, senior policy attorney for the center of medicare advocacy. are thru? >> i am. good morning. >> vicki, do you have thoughts on what we've been saying so far about the cost implications of by lodgics versus traditional drugs or any aspects of the conversation thus far? >> i have a lot of conthoughts about your conversation. cost is a very important factor and cost very often will cause the population not to be able to afford the drugs. even if they have drug coverage for a biopharmaceutical, very often the copayments are so high that people can't afford the copayments. people are bankrupting themselves in order to get these needed medications and it would be very useful if they could in fact have a generic version if a generic version were available. and in some instances where there are generics available, but people cannot tolerate the generic we have the opposite problem. have you somebody who needs a brand name drug but the person is on a health plan that only covers a generic drug. again they have no insurance for the brand name drug. we have encountered many peo
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
vicki camack a bigger hand than that. [applause] that's vicki. whoa. thank you, vicki. honestly, vicki, i like that ties network, just the idea of all the connections. a personal and isolated in formation, thank you very much. there is a gentleman i will bring up and get out of the way, i wanted to mention something about the news business and technology. hopefully you watched television. our business is changing by the day, we depend on technology. i would feel naked without my phone. i would feel naked without my ipad. even when i am on television, i am talking by e-mail with people just like you. if dave, do you know about this event? this is what is happening here at this time, often we get to do with it because we heard it straight from you. through e-mail. you might say, i don't have your e-mail address, how to live by you? you can go to our web site and you can find it there. our business has changed so much because of self bones. you are at the place where something is happening. if you without a phone and take a picture, with your permission, you get there before we get there.
Dec 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
heros, one of them, vicki soto, a 27-year-old teacher, gave her life to protect her students. joining me now, vicki's sister, brother, cousin, welcome to you all. it's been an incredibly moving day, again, in newtown. and the words of the president in particular this evening, very controlled anger, he wants to try to do something, anything, to stop this happening again. the appalling tragedy, which has effected so many families, including your own. if i may start with you, donna, vicki was your daughter, she was 27. there have been so many tributes to her paid b so many people. what would you like to say? >> i'd just like everyone to know that she was just a beautiful, beautiful young lady. she had such passion for teaching and for life and especially for her family. she was extremely close to her siblings that are sitting with me, her cousins, and loved them dearly. and wanted to be a teacher from the time she was 3. that's all she ever wanted to do. she just loved her kids. she just talked about them all the time with such fondness and caring, and she just adored them. and i have no do
Dec 15, 2012 6:00pm PST
-old vicky soto was a substitute teacher. family members say they spent agonize hours after the shooting wondering what happened to her. >> at that point was the hardest for the whole family, the waiting game, to receive word on what happened to vicki's class. >> vicki had her students hide behind her in a closet, protecting them from the gunman when she was shot and killed. >>> other victims include 30-year-old lauren reduce saw, a teacher, mary sher sherlach was the excuse me expoirn toad to stop the killer, and nancy lanza, the mother of the killer, was killed earlier in the day. vicki sew total will never be forgotten by one of her students who doesn't know her fate right now. >> we are hoping she is going to be okay. he really -- she really loved that class, and he keeps saying i really hope she is okay. i hope it's not her. he knows she has been hurt but doesn't know the end result. >> they're one of the lucky families. both their children attend the school and both survive. >> the father of the gunman released a statement saying his family is grieving along with all of those who h
Dec 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
: their six-year-old son is in first grade. his teacher is vicky soto, known for her dedication to her students, vicky had just turned 27. >> she was an absolutely amazing teacher. she just was so young and so full of life and educating got her so excited and teaching those children t was what she lived to do. >> reporter: their 7-year-old daughter is in the second grate. her classroom is just down the hall from her brothers. we were asked not to reveal the children's names. >> i saw my daughter's teacher and i asked her, you know, where my daughter was. and she said she didn't know because they were separated. >> reporter: then suddenly she spotted her daughter. >> she just said mommy, what's happening. i said i don't knows what's happening. so just stay with your class. and i said i'm going to wait here for our son to come out. and he didn't come. >> her son later told a remarkable story of the nightmare unfolding inside his classroom. when the shooting began, teacher vicky soto moved the children in classroom 10 against a wall, away from the door. that's when the licatta's son came
Dec 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
. >>> vicky contÓ su historia con su ex esposo y novio de juventud, un amor que comenzÓ en nueva jersey, y culminÓ tragicamente en el sur de la florida, al morir intoxicado, arrancandole de su vida para siempre a amira su Única hija de 6 aÑos de edad. >>> como marido no funcionÓ lo de nosotros. pero como padre jamÁs tuve una duda. un excelente padre, muy amoroso. le dejaba hacer lo que quisera, la que era fuerte era yo. Él nunca me imagine que Él hiciera algo asÍ. >>> segÚn vicky, el miÉrcoles 27 de noviembre, la recogiÓ a la niÑa de la escuela y la llevÓ a su casa, porque vicky terminarÍa tarde de trabajar. >>> fui a ver, y estaba dormida, y le dije vamos a baÑarte, la Última vez que la baÑe, y luego Él y yo hablamos, estaba deprimido. >>> le contaste, me voy a casar. >>> sÍ, me dijo te deseo lo mejor del mundo, deseo que fueras feliz, y me fui a dormiro, hasta que me levantaron, tocandome la puerta, y vi a mi hija en el carro. todavÍa y yo tratando de resucitar a mi bebÉ, pero ya no pude hacer nada. porque nadie mÁs amaba a amira mÁs que yo, era mi vida, nadie tien
Dec 17, 2012 11:35pm PST
en la isla puerto rico por la muerte de dos niños, una maestra, vicky soto y una pequeña niña. >>pordrían pasar meses, dicen los investigadores para saber con exactitud que sucedio ese dia >>ha sido la experiencia mario más dura de su vida >>se ha convertido en heroina de la escuela sandy huckes, ocultando a los niños para salvarlos >>ella lo hizo, seguramente no lo pensó, solo dijo tengo que hacerlo vicky soto encerró a sus alumnos en el armario. >>y le dijo al pistolero que estaban en el gimnasio, este la asesinó y abandonó el salón >>en 2007 se puede ver a lanza. el temor era que se hiciera daño, pues había sido diagnósticado con un autismo. >>es difícil explicar a estas niños qué sucedio >>el distrito planea trasladarlos a otro plantel a los niños sobrevivientes. >>antes de irse les echo bendiciones, tengo miedo de mandarlos a la escuela >>como ellos centenares de personas realizan una peregrinacion al cuartel donde los nños fueron trasladados después de la masacre >>un arbolito por cada niñó que pereció están colocados >>esta misma noche las autorid
Dec 15, 2012 3:00pm PST
for the whole family, just a waiting game to receive word on what happened to vicky's class. >> also killed, lauren russo, hired just last month as a substitute teacher. her family says she always wanted to be a teacher since before she even went to kindergarten. she has two daughters in their twenties, married 31 years and goes to a lake house with her husband, in upstate, new york. and the principal, serious about teaching. >> she is an exciting, joyful, just an incredible educator, and then to lose somebody like that in our district, it is sad. >> she was a personal friend and wonderful leader. >> reporter: she had recently overseen the installation of a new security system, requiring every visitor after 9:30 to get buzzed in and show id. >> she truly did believe in creating an environment where children felt safe. i really feel that is the tragic irony. >> she was also a parent herself, raising two daughters and three stepdaughters. residents say hochsprung was well loved. >> god bless her, she was just a very special person. and all the parents knew that. >> reporter: two other women a
Dec 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
with many more yet to come. yesterday the friends and family of sandy hook teacher vicki soto joined to celebrate her life. she died trying to protect the children she loved. there's no such official recognition for those who do the same in peace time in a classroom under fire. it's both a shame that there isn't and a shame that one should even be needed. about all we can do right now is tell the stories of people like vicki. i spoke just a short time ago with her mother donna, her sisters jillian and carly and her brother carlos. >> what do you want people to know about vicki? >> that she's more than just a victim of the shooting. that she was more than just, you know, the teacher that did save her kids. >> we want them to know that, you know, she was a passionate teacher who obviously lost her life saving those children and saved many, many children but we want them to know what kind of person she was. she was a very serious teacher. she was dedicated to her job. but she was also a fun-loving -- she had the biggest heart in the world and would do anything for you and loved her fami
Dec 17, 2012 6:30pm PST
tambiÉn vicky soto la maestra quiÉn sacrificarÓ su vida por la de sus alumnos, vamos con la historia. >>> quisiera verla uno vez mÁs, verle su cara, decirle personamente que la quiero mucho. estos son los deseos imposibles de ella, quiÉn jamÁs volvera a ver a victoria soto su amiga desde la infancia. >>> yo crecÍ con ella. >>> toda la primaria y todos los aÑos de las escuela nos graduamos de las mismas escuelas. >>> victoria soto llevaba cinco aÑos dando clases en la escuela una voc ciÓn que se trunco el viernes pasado, cuando el pistolero a damos entrÓ al salon de swlot la maestra de primer grado se convirtiÓ en heroÍna, y la madre de soto dijo que su hija era una mujer hermosa, una mujer ap pasada por su profesiÓn y por la vida, y sobre todo por su familia, y ella quiso ser pase otra desde los 3 aÑos, y es lo Único que querÍa y adoraba a sus alumnos, hablaba de ellos todo el tiempo, no me cabe la duda que hizo todo lo de pudo para salvar a cada uno ellos. >>> de acuerdo con testimonios vicky soto tras encerrar a los niÑos en un armario engaÑÓ al pistolero diciendo
Dec 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
multiple times. 27-year-old teacher vicki soto died shielding her students. >> she passed doing something she loved. >> reporter: small memorials like these on barricades block the roadway to the school are popping up all over newtown. people here are grieving and trying to show support any way they can. >> they're just babies, you know. they're just babies. they shouldn't be taken away from their mothers and their fathers. >> reporter: investigators say lanza also killed his mother nancy before taking the gun she kept in the home they shared. police are still gathering evidence. >> did produce a very good evidence in this evidence in this investigation. >> reporter: lanza's father said in a statement his family is heart broken and struggling to make sense of what happened. >> here is more of what adam lanza's father said in the statement. quote, our family is grieving along with all of those who veteran affected. he also said that relatives are quote, in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. as new details of the massacre emerge the horror surrounding what happ
Dec 20, 2012 5:00am PST
ora rosa, eso la hace poder pararse ♪. la maestra vicky soto, quien será recordadda como heroina, pues murió intentando salvar a sus alumnos en la sandy hook. >>ella fue descrita como una luz en medio de la oscuridad, quien dio su vida para salvar a inocentes >>se obtuvo el testimonio del hombre que vio los hechos en newtown. >>fue un fatidico dia, eugenio caminaba camino a casa, se percató que una mujer y dos niños lo aguardaban a la entrada >>empecé a caminar muy cerquitas, empecé a notar que estaban alterados y llorando. >>buscando tranquilizarlos el abuelo los invitó a entrar en la casa. >>fue entonces que los niños comenzaron a narrar los hechos >>narraban como la maestra vicky soto cayó antes las balas. >>ante la gravedad de la situación, eugene pidió a la mujer el número tefonico de los padres de los niños que se le escaparon a la muerte, alli el comprobó como padres e hijos volvieron a nacer >>una madre desesperada buscaba noticias de su pequeño jessie louis. >>ella sabia, yo sé. y estaba buscando un milagro de dios. en mi casa y yo no podía, yo no
Dec 15, 2012 9:00pm PST
barely beginning their lives. >> 27-year-old vicky soto was a substitute teacher. family members say they agonized for hours wondering what happened to her. >> at that point was the hardest for the whole family, just a waiting game. to get word on what happened. >> vicky had her students huddled behind her in a closet protecting her from the gunman when she was shot and killed. other victims is 30-year-old lauren russo. mary was the school sigh skol colonel gist. vicky soto the substitute teacher who died shielding her students is being honored tonight. she will never be forgotten by one of her students who doesn't know her fate. >> she really loved us. i hope she is okay. i hope it's not her, i kept saying. you know she has been hurt but he doesn't know the end result. >>> they are one of the lucky families, both their children survived. >>> the father of the gunman has released a statement saying his family is grieving along with all of those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. >>> the connecticut tragedy has touched a nerve across the country and vigils honoring are s
Dec 7, 2012 11:30am PST
to introduce them to you today. one is a very talented lady, her name is vicki. she is someone, and i will read some of this that you get an idea of who she is. she is a canadian, by the way. that rang a bell. but vicki finds and implement innovative solutions and the social sector. this is something called the planned lifetime advocacy network. the personal support networks. as the executive director of the institute for citizenship and disabilities, she became a recognized expert in canada. for developing social networks, social innovation, citizenship, and turning around the world of those that are disabled. she is the founder and ceo of of the personal network. she has been focusing her skills best to deliver personal networks,, she has done a tremendous amount of things. she has done so many things, i need a calculator to add them all up. the idea is that she is an expert on building personal networks and coming up with things that will work for you that will change your lives. give a warm welcome to vicki camack. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. what an amazing venue to hold this eve
Dec 20, 2012 1:00am PST
. for vicki soto, teaching was passion and a life-long dream. she was 27 years old. five years ago she began teaching first grade at sandy hook elementary, and she loved every moment of it. her mom says vicky loved her students more than life. always referring to them as her kids, instead of her students. she wanted to be known as a good teacher but also as a fun teacher. her students loved her. many said she was their favorite teacher. on friday, vicki died a hero. after hearing gun shots, she herded her kids into the closet and shielded them from the gunman. >> she loved her kids. she talked about them all the time with such fondness and caring. she adored them. and i have no doubt in my mind she did everything she could to protect everyone of them. >> vicki was equally passionate about her family. she was known as queen victoria at home. the ringleader who organized christmas every year. her family said she loved the beach and the new york yankees. in her obituary they write she was an amazing daughter, cousin, sister, teacher and friend, and died protecting her kids. we couldn't be proud
Dec 18, 2012 6:30pm PST
funerales. se veían por las calles estas caravanas. vicky soto, la maestra que sacrifico su vida, logrando salvar a muchas vidas de sus niños que tanto queria. >>fue muy emotivo, fueron los niños, sus padres, a agradecer que sus niños estan con vida. >>la policía también hizo guardia de honor. >>con honores rodeada de los niños a quienes salvo la vida, velaron a la maestra de origen puertorriqueño vicky soto, sus restos serán sepultados mañana la familia está muy orgullosa >>creímos que ella al enfrentar al sujeto, pensamos que ella había perecido con sus estudiantes, pero no, ella los puso en un closet >>el sujeto quiso matar a los niños, pero ella los escondió en un pequeño closet y dijo al sujeto que no estaban en el salón >>cuando se busca el background es porque no han tenido cariño ni amor de familia, como debe ser. tu sabes, hay muchos factores, pero no hay excusass >>los entierros en la golpeada ciudad de newtown continúan. por la mañana el adios a dos niños, mientras que los restos de otros dos niños son velados. >>entonces mañana será sepultada 4 víctima
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >> vicky soto quién salvó la vida de 16 estudiantes en sandy hook tuvo su funeral. uniformados saludaron sus restos en connecticut es considerada una heroína por salvar a sus estudiantes perdiendo su vida a los 27 años. >> vi donde nacio vicky soto su padre y familia eran de puerto rico yo también soy boricua y me dio mucha pena. >> en connecticut fue el servicio funebre que fue privado la policía les ayudo con la confidencialidad. >> llevaba algunos años en la escuela elemental y los estudiantes cuentan como ella al escuchar los disparos escondio a los niños y salió a enfrentar al asesino. >> su funeral será mañana a las 10 de la mañana en stradford. >> en herry moore se hizo una vigilia para recordar a las víctimas de connecticut y además de recordarlos se reunió dinero para ayudar a las familias de la víctimas. enviaron también una carta con consuelo., >> duele y les mandamos nuestros cariños a la comunidad. >> y luego de la masacre políticos lanzaron una iniciativa con unos proyectos de ley sobre la tenencia de armas-. el california despues de la masacre en connectic
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm PST
put herself in front of them any day, any reason. it doesn't surprise anyone that knows vicky that she did this. >> police say is the 26-year- old substitute teacher shielded students. >>> we are getting new photos and videos of the victims. this is a picture of -- especially his twin sister. he will be remembered as the fun little boy with lots of spirit. and this was grace mcdonald. she loved soccer and her little spaniel. she will always be remembered adds a wonderful little girl. this is emily parker. her father described her as an artist who carried and her art supplies so she never missed the chance to draw a picture for someone. >> ready and go. >> and this home video of anna marquez green. she was a child devoted to god. officials say that hochsprung tried to stop the gunman entering the grounds. >> some rainfalling in the area. we have some heavier rain to the north of the bay area pushing south. so for tomorrow morning, a wet start to the day. the morning commute looks a little bit rainy. here's a live view right there. there's the transamerica pyramid lit up for the holidays
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm PST
salieron del closet,. >> ahí les disparo, al tratar de salvarlos, también la mató, el velorio de vicky soto, es hoy , su entierro será mañana, es un proceso doloroso, no solamente para las familias, también para un pueblo de 20 mil habitantes, que han llegado para acercarse a las familias que pasan por esta situación, también se planean en estos días los entierrros de los estudiantes de seis a siete años, también se realizo el funeral de la directora de la escuela, todos los residentes han llegado dando consuelo y buscando apoyo moral en esta situación tan difícil. >> gracias por la información, también serán velados en utah los restos de la niña de seis años que fue víctima del ataque, ellos se habían mudado hace menos de un año, decoraron las calles con cintas rosadas, el color favorito de la pequeña. >> el dolor sacude a muchos ciudadanos norteamericanos, las escuelas de newtown han abierto sus puertas, estamos con más información . >> buenas tardes, en medio de este luto al vida debe continuar por esto los estudiantes ya regresaron a clases, pero un colegio rec
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> reporter: it's a message vicki gets almost every time of see this tries to access the internet on the sprint iphone 5. >> you have four full bars of 3- g connectivity but you can't catch data or upload a photo. >> reporter: there are more than 400 posts and over 60,000 views to this thread on sprint's website. iphone 5 data not working. like many, vicki first assumed it was her iphone so she went to the apple store which twice replaced it. but when her 3-g still wouldn't work? >> i started calling sprint. basically inferred i was making it up. or that it was an apple problem. >> reporter: she got the runaround for weeks and like many posts online she says with each call to sprint, she got a different answer until a sprint engineer finally gave her one that made sense. >> this is the known issue in about a dozen cities like chicago, new york, minneapolis, and because we don't know how to fix it, i'm closing your trouble ticket because i can't resolve it. >> it's outrageous that they're basically advertising a service that they're not giving to the consumer. >> reporter: attorney
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
closet y fue ahí que el pistolero les disparó, también la mató a ella, el velorio de vicky soto, es hoy, y su entierro es mañana, es un proceso doloros, no solo para la familia, también de un pueblo de 30 mil habitantes, para tratar de ver a algunos de los miembros, y también hay programados otros entierros de otros estudiantes. >> hoy también se realizó el funeral de la directora de la escuela y todos los residentes están dando un poco de consuelo, moral y espiritual, ahora regresamos a los estudios. >> imágenes que no dejan de conmovernos y también en utha serán velados otra menor de edad, vecinos de la ciudad de (nombre en inglés) donde residía el matrimonio con sus tres hijas, decoraron las calles con cintas rosadas, que era su color favorito. >> el temor sacude american airlines los padres y niños y las escuelas han reabiertos sus puertas, vamos con los detalles. >> buenas tardes bárbara, en medio de este luto, la vida debe de continuar, por eso la mayoría de estudiantes hoy regresaron a clases, pero hubo un reporte de un colegio que recibió una amenaza y por eso
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
, vicky soto. what she did for her kids. >>> later, in the face of horror, citizens around the world have come together to make a difference. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett in newtown, connecticut. "outfront" searching for answers. that's what we've all been doing, trying to understand how this happened and why it happened. investigators in connecticut returned to the home of the gunman. the suspected gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza, searching for evidence. so far, authorities have been unable to retrieve any information from his computer, which was found smashed to pieces in the house he lived in with his mother, nancy. now, investigators have been trying to piece together an explanation for the crucial why, why did he do this, why did he shoot and kill his mother, why did he go to school -- a school that he had no link to and shoot 20 innocent children and six adults. the community is just starting to try to begin to heal. most students began going back to school, trying to go back into a routine today. they went back to school. police were standing gua
Dec 15, 2012 4:00pm PST
, vicki, what her family call her, how vicki family's wanted to remember her. this is how they wanted to come together and grieve. this is something that took a life of its own because of facebook. a message went out saying they wanted to bring the community together, wanted to bring people together and tweets went out, one by vicki soto's sister saying come to the high school here at stratford high school and this is where we're going to have a candlelight vigil. this is where victoria soto graduated back in 2003. and, wolf, when i spoke to her family, earlier today, you really get more of a picture, more of a sense as you look at the picture there on your screen, you get a sense of who this woman was. that picture was the picture taken from the school, sandy hook elementary. her mother just got that picture last week. one of her mother's favorite pictures that that's the picture her mother says this is the image we want the world to see of our victoria soto. they describe her as a dedicated teacher. a woman who didn't call her students students. she called them, quote, her kids, eve
Dec 16, 2012 4:00pm PST
about this first grade teacher, vicki, she went by vicki, it's victoria soto. her little sister carly is inside that memorial. she just tweeted about her big sister. carly soto tweeted, going to meet mr. obama. wish vicki was here. dressed in all my big sister's clothes looking cute in honor of sissy. her sister, vicki, was that first grade teacher who quickly thought on her feet and protected as many of her little 6 and 7-year-olds as she possibly could. in fact, police later found seven of those youngsters sort of huddled surviving in a closet in that first grade classroom. we know that according to vicki's cousin, quote, she instinctively went into action when a monster came into a classroom and tried to protect the kids she loved so much. we want the public to know that vicki was a hero. let me tell you about another hero, the principal. donna hochsprung, 47 years of age. had been at this elementary school for two years. she was passionate. she loved children. the children loved her. she had a smile on her face. this one friend says she was a tough woman but a tough woman in the r
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